25 Days of Christmas – Supplies List

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After posting all 25 days of this series, I thought it might be helpful to list all of the supplies needed on one page. Please note, you might need to double check the activity, because some activities have several options to choose from, and you don’t want to get supplies for ALL of the options. Unless that’s what you really want to do.

Remember, these activities are optional and highly adjustable to your needs. If an activity on one day just overwhelms you even at the thought, do something that is less overwhelming.

December 1 – Baking

  • Ingredients and supplies for your favorite cookie or muffin OR store-bought sugar cookie dough
  • Toppings to decorate cookies or muffins (see instructions)
  • Baking sheets or muffin tins
  • Storage bags or tubs for your finished baked goods

December 2 – Blessing Others

Supplies will vary greatly, depending on which activity you decide to do. Please see December 2 for more information.

December 3 – Planting Seeds

December 4 – Helping Orphans and Widows

Supplies will vary greatly, depending on which activity you decide to do. Please see December 4 for more information.

December 5 – Handprint Heart

December 6 – Listening to “For Unto Us Is Born” and learning about St. Nicholas

No supplies needed. You can order a book or movie or borrow one from the library, but you can also find all the information you need online.

December 7 – Foot “Tree” Mural

There are also options you can do that do not require a large poster board.

Also, an option to make salt dough foot ornaments for the littles.

  • ½ cup salt
  • ½ cup flour
  • about ¼ cup water
  • Straw or toothpick
  • Ribbon

December 8 – Christmas Cross

December 9 – Bible Parents/Child Trivia


December 10 – Angel Ornaments

December 11 – Edible Christmas Trees

December 12 – Scripture Set To Song


December 13 – The Names of Jesus

None, possibly pencil and paper

December 14 – Wreath

December 15 – Family Tree

Paper, pencil, crayons or color pencils (optional)

December 16 – Houses for Nativity Village

December 17 – Setting up Nativity Village

  • thin quilting batting (optional)
  • string of lights (I’m using these)
  • materials of choice to make village people and details (see December 17 for ideas)

December 18 – Stable for Nativity

December 19 – Nativity Angels

Supplies needed will depend on how you make your Nativity characters. Please see December 19 post for options.

  • wooden peg dolls, paper towel tubes, or paper/cardstock (optional)
  • white paint, white construction paper and/or markers (optional)
  • white paper or felt for wings (optional)
  • gold or silver pipe cleaner for halos (optional)

December 20 – Nativity Shepherds and Sheep

December 21 – Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Manger

  • same materials used to make shepherds on December 20, with optional yarn for Mary’s hair
  • baby size peg doll, small smooth stone, or paper (for Baby Jesus)
  • white and pink paint (optional)
  • very small box or craft sticks and glue (for manger)
  • craft straw or brown paper shred (for manger, optional)

December 22 – Bethlehem Star

December 23 – Nativity Wise Men and Camels

  • same materials used to make shepherds, Mary, and Joseph on December 20 and 21 (for wise men)
  • glitter added to paint (for wise men, optional)
  • egg carton (for camel)
  • brown paint or markers (for camels)
  • brown pipe cleaner (for camels)
  • paper, play-doh or other material for wise men’s gifts

December 24 – Acting out the Christmas Story

None, costumes and props optional

December 25 – Happy Birthday, Jesus

  • a birthday cake (homemade or store bought) or some other Christmas Day treat that you can stick candles in and possibly write “Happy Birthday, Jesus” on
  • decorating gel or icing (optional)
  • birthday candles

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