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Part of homeschooling your children is teaching them to use their time wisely and pace themselves. That very thing has been a huge issue around here lately. Sometimes subjects don’t get done in a timely manner, and then the rest of the day is a drag knowing there’s still so much work to do, and the amount of free time is dwindling by the second. Which is why I created Student Schedules to keep my children on track. And I thought, Well, hey, maybe other homeschooling parents could use a Student Schedule, too!

I created two versions of the Student Schedule. One is pre-filled with common subjects: Math, Language Arts, History/Social Studies/Geography, Science, Art and Music, Foreign Language, and Physical Education. The second version has a blank Subject column, for those who need something a little more customizable. There’s no cute pictures, but you can put whatever subjects you need in whichever order you want.

For the younger ones, I fill in their Assignment column, but the older ones can fill in their assignments themselves. My older kids need that extra step to better understand what assignments they have for the day. Filling out the Assignment column is a good time to get all their questions asked all at once.

Also, there is a Time Slot column that can be used several ways. I like giving my kids a time range for different subjects. That gives them the flexibility of doing some of their subjects in the order they choose while giving me a little more peace of mind that they haven’t put off most of their subjects until 3:00 p.m. Time management is a constant work in progress around here. Even for me, the adult.

The Time Slot column can, of course, be used to give specific times they should be doing particular subjects, producing a more structured schedule. Or you could just indicate “Morning” and “Afternoon” on each subject for even more flexibility. Whatever works best for your student. Or, just ignore the time slot altogether¬†if your child is good at keeping on task, but just needs the list of assignments written out in front of her or him.

What a satisfying thing to see all your student’s checkmarks in the “Done” column! Better yet, the sense of accomplishment that it gives the student! My kids also get a sense of relief as well!

Of course, once you sign up below, you will get both pre-filled and blank student schedules delivered to your inbox. Then you can print as needed. Or even print enough for the year and put it in a Student Schedule binder.

Leave a comment down below and tell me if this is a helpful freebie and any tips to teach students time management. I’d love to hear from you!

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-Melinda @ Pile of Pates

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