One-Act Play “A Christmas Dream” {FREEBIE}

One of the privileges I have this year in our Co-op is to teach a Drama class to mostly middle schoolers. They are full of energy and wildness and potential, and that is so much fun to see develop. Well, when it came down to choosing a play for them to perform mid-year, I had a little trouble. I needed to find something that would fit our group of 14. I needed it to be cheap – actually free, I needed it to be free. I needed it to be something we could perform on a tiny budget of almost nothing. I needed something that allowed me to borrow almost everything as far as costumes and props and anything else to be made cheaply and easily. And no sets to speak of.  Although I did enjoy my stagecraft days of building, painting, and spackling flats in college, I literally had nothing to work with.

Except my brain, I had my brain – or at least the part that the kids didn’t take from me, LOL! And out of my brain came out this little bit of funny. My students laughed, sometimes hysterically, as they auditioned. I can’t wait to start rehearsing this week, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

And so, because I enjoyed writing this so much, and because my students are enjoying it so much, I want to give it away to others who might also have a tiny budget – or no budget at all.

“A Christmas Dream” is a one-act farce with a Gospel message. It’s a lot of fun, a lot of jokes, several hilarious characters, and at the end, the presentation of the Gospel. As written, performance time should be about 20 minutes. It has a flexible cast of 14 up to 17 actors.

Any church, homeschool group/co-op, classroom, school, or any other amateur group who would like to perform this play may do so royalty-free, as long as they are not charging an admission fee to the performance.  More details about performance rights and royalties are on page 2 of the free download.

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