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Amazing and Free Math Resources - Pile of PatesAhh, Spring has sprung. Birds singing, flowers blooming, bees buzzing.

And homeschool moms everywhere trying to pull themselves out of the “oh-my-goodness-are-we-going-to-even-make-it-through-this-school-year” doldrums by planning for the next school year. Amirite???? In all fairness, it *is* time to start planning for next year, because homeschool moms get zero breaks. Everything just overlaps, there is no end to it. But planning next year, hoping that maybe it will be better – or is that just me? – is usually an energizing experience. ‘Cause shiny new curriculum, y’all. 

Free Online Math Resources - Pile of Pates

But, that shiny new curriculum sometimes comes with a not so fun price tag. So you pick and choose what you’re going to spend money on, and find ways to save money on the other stuff. Or maybe you can’t even spend money on any shiny new curriculum. Well, then, you’re in luck! The purpose of this series “Free Homeschooling Resources” is to help you find amazing resources for free. You might have to spend some money on printing supplies (for example to print out worksheets), but otherwise, these are completely free resources. 

This post will focus on FREE math resources, and let me tell you, I found some pretty awesome websites! Some I already knew about, but some are brand new to me, and I am really excited to use them! Okay, here we go!

Note: This post contains affiliate links for the purpose of linking you to free resources. 

WEBSITES – This website has video lessons and worksheets from preschool all the way to Calculus. Pretty impressive! – While this site has a paid membership (which I myself decided to pay for  the convenience) , the actual worksheets are completely free. The paid membership is for those who want to download workbooks and multiple worksheets at a time. But all the worksheets are available to download one at a time for free! This site has more than just math worksheets, so it will probably appear on lists for other subjects. Most of the math worksheets are for preschool through 5th Grade. – Khan Academy has tons of video lessons for quite a few subjects. They have their math videos divided by grade, and  you can set up your child to follow a learning path by setting up classes for them. The only problem is that I never figured out how my kids were supposed to use it – correctly, at least. Students can potentially pick any lesson to do, and my son was skipping over hard lessons, and picking an choosing whatever he wanted, and then getting frustrated because he really didn’t understand the material that is supposed to build upon itself. He would also get frustrated because he wouldn’t read carefully and then have a meltdown when he got an answer wrong that he felt MUST be right (of course, he was wrong). On the other hand, the videos are great! This would be a great option for kids who ready carefully and follow directions, though (unfortunately, not my children!). – This is a completely free online curriculum. The paid membership gives you more than just the most basic teaching tools you get in the free version. My kids found it kind of dry. Moby Max claims to fix learning gaps and increase the grade levels the kids are at quickly, and I believe it! This would be a good option for kids who don’t need to be entertained. It gets down to business, and gets it done! – Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool is a completely free online curriculum for grades 1st through high school. It covers most subjects. There are a few drawbacks. You have to be able to keep track of what day you’re on. And Math and Language Arts are together on the same page. There are alot of outgoing links, too. So, you need a computer saavy kid who can keep track of what they are doing. This is also a Christian website, so there are Christian values throughout, plus Bible as a subject.

Joann’s School on Youtube – I found this lovely resource on Youtube when I was trying to find video math lessons. The woman in the videos is a former tutor. She writes things out on a white board and explains them. The only downside is that there are no corresponding worksheets or workbooks unless you can manage to find the book she is using for each grade. But this Youtube channel is a wealth of math video lessons for Grades 1-8, Pre-algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, and GED math. – This is another website where you set up a class with students, but you add lessons. So, it’s a little more hands-on, and a bit more of a learning curve for the teacher. When I found it, I was looking at several different options, and I decided to go with something else that seemed a little simpler. But it is highly customizable, has multiple subjects – math, science, English and more – and has video lessons, interactive features, and adaptive practice. – This is one of my favorite recent finds! Middle school math – 6th, 7th, and 8th grade – and algebra. There are video lessons and worksheets to print out. Plus it’s very linear, and even lays it out in school year quarters for you. You do have to keep track of where you are, but it would be easy to print out the list and just check them off as you go. – Flash-based Algebra lessons. There are no worksheets, but it is divided into 23 sections, including sections on what you need to know before you begin algebra. – Flash-based videos, practice problems, and test problems. The student will need to write answers down on paper. 5th and 6th grade math (under “Tutoring”), Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, and Geometry. – Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus – video lessons and practice problems. There are also some neat Teacher Tools: a Test Grade Calculator, Graph Paper Maker, Number Line Maker, Math Worksheets, etc. – Online math manipulatives and games. There are even interactive charts for Multiplication, Addition, and 100. Lots of fun but useful tools! – Math games – my kids love this one! I send my kids to this site when I still want them to do something educational, but am allowing them to do something fun. Canoe Puppies and Canoe Penguins are two of the favorites! – Another math game website. There are tons of games, lots of variety, and they are nicely organized in grade levels, so it’s easy to see where to go!


Free apps for Amazon Kindle Users:

Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master

Math Master

Maths War

7th Grade Math Learning Games

Monkey Math School Sunshine

Math Adventure Island

Math Wiz

Numberjacks – Addition Factus up to 10

The Parrots Multiplication Game

Shopkeeper+ Math Can Be Fun

Math Blaster Hyperblast 2 HD

Box Drop Math Complete

and much more!


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